Become a CPA

As a CPA, you can work in any sector, anywhere in the world, and at any level of the organization you can imagine. Earn what you’re worth and experience the best opportunities to influence wherever your heart and career takes you.

A CPA designation is Canada’s premier credential for professional careers in business and accounting. Chartered Professional Accountants enjoy highly rewarding careers that offer vast opportunities and advancement in public accounting, corporate, government, and not-for-profit entities.

Through CPA’s preeminent certification program and ongoing professional development support, you will gain unparalleled leadership skills, business knowledge, and ethics that are highly sought after by employers across Canada and around the globe.

The Value of Being a CPA

Every organization needs an accounting and business professional. Every tech start-up, financial institution, entertainment company, non-profit, government agency — everyone — needs the skills you can provide as a Chartered Professional Accountant. You have the widest range of opportunities, so you can choose your working environment. Regardless of your industry sector, your job is to be a forward-thinking financial leader and to apply the knowledge you’ve gained from the CPA designation to make important financial and business decisions.

Highly qualified professionals in the accounting, business and finance field will always be in demand. With a Canadian CPA designation, you can be sure that you’re trained to meet Canadian and international market needs and that there is always room to grow.

As experts in “the language and toolkit of business,” CPAs have a distinct advantage in being able to choose careers, sectors, and places in which to apply their unique skillset. While CPAs do analyze the past and present, it is always with the strategic aim to envision and build future opportunities.

Choose Your Path